Self Intersecting Geometry of Imported Surface

I am making a small sailboat for my capstone project and have run into an issue when attempting to knit surfaces and create a solid body. Apparently the imported geometry is self intersecting. I have tried many solutions but have gotten now where. Hopefully someone can help as this seems to be a common issue when trying to go from surface to solid body.

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2 Answers

I can't do anything with it because it's 'future geometry' for me, but on the bottom, astern, you can see where the surfaces don't intersect along the midline.

That's where the obvious 'funky' is happening.

There may be micro-funky somewhere but that's the first thing to try fixing before knitting to solid.

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I remodeled the whole hull, and managed to get a solid shape, here you go, I hope it's good enough.

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