self-intersection problem when doing boss loft

Hi guys,

I am new to Solidworks. Recently I am trying to use solidworks to create a 3D model for further simulation in ABAQUS. I want to do the boss loft operation to connect sketches 2 -10 as listed in the attached file. However, it always show the error of producing self-intersection geometry. I googled but didn't find a way to fix it. Do you possibly have any idea about how to fix this?


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I doubt you'll be able to loft those 9 sketches into a single shape, in a single loft feature.
The most important rule when lofting is to maintain the same number of control points per sketch. For example, a square has four points. A hexagon has 6 points. Lofting between the two will give a disaster because the software can't map four points into six.
If you had to go from a square to a hexagon, you'd have to manually add in split points so the number matched in each sketch. 4 and 6 both go into 12, so place 12 points in each profile.

If you have to try and work with the profiles you've sketched, try and use the Fit Spline command on a copy of the part. It will reduce a complex sketch to a spline with a single point.
You may also want to try using the Boundary tools instead of a Loft. Boundary features are a bit smarter and forgiving.

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Try breaking the model into a number of small steps.
In the attached STEP file I:
Edited Sketch2 to have 7 control points.
Used a Boundary Boss/Base from Sketch2 to Sketch3
Used a Boundary Boss/Base from the resulting body to Sketch4
Used a Boundary Boss/Base from the resulting body to Sketch5

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