setting time accelerator for sulfoaluminate cement

Good day ... I want to ask this question if any one know about the accelerator for quick setting time of the cement i want to useit in 3d printing now i want my setting time of the cement should be less when it is in the nozzel or backup but its setting time should be very fast when it comes out from the nozzel or when it exposed to llight i hope you will help me to guide me in this matter Thanks

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Curing cement is about removing moisture.
You could use heat, or perhaps boil off the water by reducing the atmospheric pressure.
If the concrete is opaque, I don't see how light would help cure it (unless the goal were to form a thin shell, or the light provided enough heat (infrared?).

Curing concrete quickly can have an impact on it's mechanical properties.

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It comes down to what your expectations are.
Consider the concrete within a cement mixer truck. It is like your nozzle, the cement remains less hard until it is deposited, at which time it cures more quickly than the cement which remains within the nozzle/truck.
Sure, the time scale may be in hours or days, but it is still curing "faster".

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