Sheet Metal - How is it possible to decrease the relief cut on 3mm SS? I have changed the Sheet Metal defaults but it does not seem to work. Also, what is the smallest realistic value?

For 3mm SS which is laser cut and folded

2 Answers

I have had issues with 'auto-relief' cuts in the past, but all of the settings can be adjusted, you just need to adjust it between 0.5 and 2.0. It is related directly to the materials thickness.

As for the smallest relief cut, you would want to check with the metal shop that will be doing the cutting. Though they are all relatively close in dimension, lasers and water-jets have different cutting widths. Lasers can be reduced down to as little as .1mm if needed. With .3mm being more common.

Normally the min relief cut is the thickness of the material. you can however change the size relief cut depending of the position of the bend.