Ship Hull analasys

How do I know if the model of the ship hull will float. Im trying to build a galley ship I have modeled much of the hull before I start to build an actual scale model how do I make sure it wont tilt and float

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You have to make a table with the weights and centers of any item in your ship (plates, machinery, decks, furniture, etc...), the sum of the weights must be less than the displacement of the hull to float.

If the hull is already modeled, you may consider the displacement equal to the volume.

to analyze the slope, it is necessary to make a study of stability, the ideal is to model the hull of a naval architecture software to know the LCF (longitudinal floating center), and compare with the values of your weight and center table.

if you need more help let me know, sorry for the bad english.

Rodrigo Custódio

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