Should i buy subscription with solidworks?

I would like to buy a solidworks 2018 standard single seat license, do i really need to buy subscription...or solidworks 2018 SP0 will be fine. weldment, sheetmetal and drawings are the main features i am planning to use. Is it really worth to pay $1300 for subscription?. Can anybody help me with this please?!

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Subscription is expensive, but it can be worthwhile.
SP 0.0 is typically a disaster. It will work, but there will be plenty of problems if history is any indicator of the future.

If you are new to SolidWorks, you might be able to get a free training class or two added in for the total cost of the seat plus maintenance. Maybe, maybe not, but it is worth bargaining for as much as you can.

Telephone support with the VAR can be good, but it really comes down to the VAR, and the type of problems you are having.

With the cost of maintenance, you may also be able to get in on say the 2019 release as well, but it may depend on when your subscription starts and ends. Maybe put off the purchase for 2-3 months if possible so you get a later service pack?

Check the fine print, but I think it is now setup that if you don't get maintenance, or let it lapse. SolidWorks will charge you for the years of missing maintenance fees if you try to update in the future.
I have no idea how they can pull this off. I'd just buy the new release under a new name.

You can sometimes get a "free service" pack even if you are not on maintenance, but it requires knowledge of what the SP fixes, and convincing the VAR that you have that exact problem. Obviously they don't want to give out free service packs.

If the main focus is on weldments, sheet metal, and drawings, I'd say that SP 0.0 would most likely be stable and robust enough to work without lots of problems.

Don't forget that the PC you are using can play a big role in the stability and enjoyment as well. Put some research into what systems and components are supported.
For a great deal, look on ebay for used Dell Workstations (desktop or laptop). You can usually pick up a system that is a year or two old (coming off a lease) and pay less than $1,000.00
I use a Precision M6600, and it is great. The M6800's should be "inexpensive" now as well.

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Thank You very much Fred, I have been doing drawings in solidworks for couple of years; but i never knew this much details about resellers and solidworks. Thank you very much for explaining everything in a perfect way.

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