Should I go to an industrial design school after college?

This is more of a personal question, than technical question but the grabCAD community has been very helpful thus far. I will have a mechanical engineering degree from Marquette University this May and I am finding out, thanks to grabCAD, that I have a true passion for CAD design and rendering. I want to have these skills to add to my repertoire for my career. I was looking at some art schools for industrial design courses. I want to go into the workforce, but want to be able to improve my design abilities. What course of action should I take? Should I try and learn it on my own, or find a school with online/later classes? How can I master design in the upcoming years?

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Hi Kyle congrat’z to you and completing your Mechanical engineering course.
First I would ask yourself 2 questions before you decide to go down the road of being an Industrial designer. 1st do your concept designs stand out from the rest of the crowd to a high level?
2nd Are you good @ art and design if you answer yes to both of these then I would think about taking it further and following your dreams.
I wish you luck with your future and education.

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