Should I learn B.E Mech in order to get a good future?

Please answer my query i have done my B.E Mech which is good design software.

Jus discovered this site today and its amazing.
please help me with it i m also learning catia

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search for companies (local national or international) u want to get in. which software they use.
e.g. maruti uses UG, Tata uses both catia and ug , mahindra uses catia.johndeere uses proe. many companies are using proe and solidworks
complete catia and also learn any one of these UG or Proe or solidworks

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Just learning software doesn't ensure job guaranty. You should understand the concept of modeling. Which are nearly same for all software. About companies, I would recommend to go for SW. It is easy and can be learned faster than CATIA or other. If you want to do CATIA then be sure to go to advanced level. CATIA is very advanced. In recent trend most of companies switched from CATIA to NX.

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you have to be good at whatever software you my experience i have seen people applied for design jobs and in interviews they were directly put on computers to do difficult models ,dies mostly and most guys who did 3 to4 cad softwares couldn,t do be a master in whatever you learn..............for your information solidworks has very wide database....and additional facilities such as design library which is rare in other ones caiia

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