show threads in a taped hole (hole wizard)

When you tap a hole using hole wizard is there an option that will show the actual threads in the hole. Like the toolbox for the bolts will give you the option if its a cosmetic thread no thread or a physical thread. can the hole wizard do that. or do you have to actually cut in with a spiral to get the threads

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go to option , document properties,detailing,make shaded cosmic thread works...

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Hole wizzard can not do real threat... It gives only an nation to be described in 2d drawing.
You shall use revolved cutout and pattern it..or cutout by helix if you want it look like real threat- but second options takes a lot of pc memory...

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if you want to see the spiral in holes made by the hole wizard go to the options menu next to the traffic light thing on the top, then select the document properties tab, on the sub menu DETAILING on the display filter check the box that says shaded cosmetic threads and they should show up, if not then click on rebuild button.

i hope you find it useful.

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