simulation in catia with difrent camera view

Hi everybody
i need help with catia (working in V5R17 and V5R19) i finished my simulation of landing gear, retraction test and drop test, and i know how to render a movie.. but i want to render with different camera view, so i know how to put new camera but i don't know how to use it during rendering simulation. i don't know if i explain my problem clearly, but if anyone knows how to do it, please send me instructions or refere me to some site where i can find answer...

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Hi Aleksa. In Real Time Rendering Module has a camera. You can create it here. After creating it you must create simulation. click simulation (in same module) and select camera from tree. compass will be active. using compass change view and click insert in simulation dialogbox. repeat this many times. then finish simulation. you will see the camera path on screen. after finishing simuation click Fx (formula editor) and select camera from tree again. you will see camera parameters. find the KweUpdatefromview and change value from 0 to 1. now your camera will move when you run simulation again.

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