Sketching on the end of a swept profile

Dear All,

I'm having a problem selecting the end of a swept profile to sketch on to. I drew a circle as a 2d sketch, then swept the circle along the length of a 3d helical sketch. All good so far. Now I'd like to sketch on the circular face at the end of helical sweep. I've selected 'create new 2d sketch' then selected the circular face to sketch onto, but the sketch I then draw appears in a completely different place in the model?

Any help much appreciated!

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2 Answers

That sounds very strange Paul can you upload the .IPT you are working on and that way we can have a look @ it and would be great if you could give the DIM of what the new shape is that you want.

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Thanks for the quick response. Out and about at the mo but will upload the ipt later.

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