sketchup components and PNG transparent backgrounds

I am a landscape designer. I use photoshop to isolate a tree onto a transparent background and then save as a .png. When I bring the png file into sketchup to make a component the transparent background is still there. Not a huge deal except when using shadows, the showdow is a box instead of a realistic copy of the isolated tree. As far as I know, there's no way to convert a png to geometry in sketchup without tracing it at some point. Tracing in sketchup itself is a big pain. Sketchup recognises transparency in pngs, but not for casting shadow. So if you have e.g. a face-me tree or person, and you want something resembling a realistic shadow from it, then you'll need to trace at least a crude outline. Is there any way to bring an isolotaed image from photoshop into sketchup and not have to trace the outline of the file?

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