SKP to IGES file conversion?

Does anybody know if it is possible to convert Google SketchUp .skp files to IGES and how good the result will be? Thanks

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Well i just came on two solutions via autodesk. In sketchup , save the skp file as a dae file. ( or as a kmz, rename as zip, extract en search for the dae file )

With the free software Meshlab import the dae and save it as a dxf;. Open this dxf In Autocad Mechanical and save it as Iges.

Or open the dae file with the autodesk free software Fbx convertor. Convert this file first as fbx. Convert the fbx-file as dxf and open it in Autocad Mechanical to save it as iges.

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Hi Kaspar,
Sketchup is a 'poly' modeller where the surfaces are made up of triangular facets, IGES is a universal translation of NURBS surfaces so it's not possible to directly convert poly data into IGES you need something in between, a program like 'Mesh to Solid' to convert poly data to NURBS or T-Splines.

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or u can also convert by another software who install in your system
for ex.
we have two software 1. sketchup pro 2. autodesk maya
first you'll have to convert it .skp to .dae in sketchup
after import your model in autodesk maya and then export with .iges
so you not need any new software or plugin for buy.
ok enjoy it

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Here's a new plugin for Sketchup for exporting directly to IGES that may be useful:

I haven't tried it myself(haven't any need for it), so I can't verify if it works or not.

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export skp to stl
load in sw (surfaciq stl)
save in iges

(off course the stl need to be perfectly closed)

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