So GrabCAD is not a CAD package in its own right?!

After signing up I thought I can start designing but realize that the cooperation is only about uploaded files nots and ???.

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Also GrabCAD is expanding it's services: toolbox Toolbox will be an ever evolving web based CAD modeler.

I'm a big fan of collaboration too, and for me, it happens here everyday with some awesome results with clients and fellow GrabCAD'rs.

Some examples of good times on GrabCAD
Solidworks City
Fish Aquarium - 38 Models, 100+ renderings, one download!
mōna mission project - GrabCAD on the moon
Jurassic City - Before CAD walked the Earth
GrabCAD ~ POD Races

You're in the right spot!

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and what you want to cooperate
it can be done here in many ways

You can work
as an entry open
as an entry private (only for you and invited engineers --workbench)
ultimately the private e-mail

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