Software and Codes for Marine Propellers!

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for all CAD software and Codes that are related to marine/ship Propellers (any series) and their capabilities, like an introduction. I want to create the Geometry and so on. does anybody have experience in this field?

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Prop design is a very complex subject, congratulations for looking to tackle it.
This article has some great links you might look at:

Also, for sort of an introduction to how boat props work, you might see the basic overviews and definitions on this site:

Each prop is ideally designed for the ship it will propel. For much smaller craft the props are pretty generic. But a properly designed prop can add up a lot of positive features over time with reduced fuel costs, reduced maintenance ship-wide (due to reduced vibrations), greater comfort, and maybe ever more power/speed.

Mjtaba jaan, Please try googling " Open source marine propellers" or " open source Marine propulsion".

You will most likely find either a Linux based program or a Fortran based DOS application. They are offered by the universities.

In 1991-92 I designed high speed marine stabilizers -akh, all I can recall is supers-cavitation.