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  1. Missing tiny

    I want to ask you a favor? Three dimensional map assembly do you have on the passenger car brake system design and related data of braking system?

    By yi kui, 23 Apr 14:38 0 answers 263 views 0 comments
  2. Tiny

    How to model steel brake lines ?

    By Marko Radovanovic, 27 Dec 17:28 1 answer 1260 views 0 comments
  3. Missing tiny

    How to get dimensions of a part from a car

    By Tom, 28 Sep 12:48 1 answer 3133 views 0 comments
  4. Missing tiny

    How to model a Lamborghini reventon rim and wheel and add them to the brakes in solidworks

    By a6cd52e1, 29 Apr 15:55 1 answer 1559 views 0 comments
  5. Missing tiny

    How to model a super sport brake disc System and add it to the wheels

    By a6cd52e1, 29 Apr 15:43 1 answer 1180 views 0 comments

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