Soild Body Car Model

I need a solid body of a car model for aerodynamics analysis, but everything I'm made of surfaces and that won't work for the analysis. Can anyone help me find solid models or make the surface models solid?

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What model do you want to work with? Converting a surface model to a solid should not be too difficult (if the model is well made). I'm sure someone here could help save out a solid version.

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I found this one that is mostly solid, I just need to add some windows. The entire body doesn't need to be solid, I just at least need the walls to have some thickness, but every time I try the thicken command it never works.
3D printable V8 Supercar inspired by Ferrari and McLaren

I originally wanted to do this Corvette and 911
Corvette Z06 C7

Porsche 911 gt3 2010

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