Solid works mouse (help)

Could anyone model a mouse for me ? i need it for school. i came up with my own design but i just wouldn't be able to model it my self in solidworks. and i 5 days to complete it. if anyone would be that kind to help me i would be grateful.

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I have to agree with every answer so far.
Post your model / work so we can see what you are trying to do.
Do you mean a computer mouse, or a rodent mouse?
The model library literally has dozens of computer mice in it.
There are several Youtube video tutorials that explain how to make a computer mouse, given this is a school project, it seems like an ideal time to learn the software.

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you can use my tutorial for creating mouse design using surface design or else you can use my models in my grabcad projects...

But try to learn from the files don't just use the files directly.

CATIA V5 Wireframe & Surface Design
if you need any help in learning let me know..

Comments 0 follow this tutorial. it will take max 3 hours to design it yourself.

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Try to yourself or hire someone to work for you...

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