SolidEdge ST9 .dft save as .pdf problem

Hey everyone!
I have a bit problem in SolidEdge ST9 when i trying to save as .dft format to .pdf after that i get a full white pdf. I know that i can make pdf if i print it and its working in A4-A3 paper size but its quility far behind save as. I tried to uninstall Adobe nothing happend, in the days i got my home licenc (i had student licenc) to my laptop soo i reinstalled the ST9 and its still the same. Anyone has any advice what can i try out?

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Hi Ádám,

Check if the "Solid Edge Velocity PS Printer 2.0" does exist in your printer list.

If the Solid Edge Velocity PS Printer 2.0 does not exist:
• Insert the Solid Edge DVD, open the Solid Edge Folder and select “setup.exe”
This will start the InstallShield- Assistant
• Select Next
The Program Maintenance is started
• Select Repair and let it run

The Repair Function will add the Solid Edge Velocity PS Printer 2.0 and the Save as PDF Format should work without an error.

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