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solidworks 2010 to proe wildfire5

By santhanagopal on 12 Oct 14:18 5 answers 0 comments

how to import part,assembly of solidworks 2010 to proe wild fire 5

5 answers

  • santhanagopal
    santhanagopal almost 4 years ago

    I'll try this method but some problem like some holes and face extrode cuts missing

  • santhanagopal
    santhanagopal almost 4 years ago

    ill using proe 5 but not allow solid works 2010 iges r step format

  • Pratik Pawar
    Pratik Pawar about 3 years ago

    hi gopal,
    u should try this .
    First SaveAs your solidworks parts and assembly in STEP seperately,then open it into ProE and use SaveCopy option to save them into there original form (means part step file to .prt & assembly step file to .asm).you will get precise body without lost in surface and features .
    To create model tree in ProE you have to do reverse modeling.

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