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SolidWorks 2014 Animation Render problem

By Stephen Kingston on 18 Jun 11:37 2 answers 1790 views 0 comments

I just did an animation of a radial engine in SolidWorks 2014 and when I export the animation with the 'SolidWorks Screen' option, it comes out just fine. But When I select photoview and export it, the entire assembly kinda explodes and gets distorted. Does anybody have any idea what this problem could be? Plus, I've reassembled the assembly a number of times and the problem persists though there are no errors in the assembly.


SW Bug.bmp, 1.03 MB

2 answers

  • Rahul Singh Dhari
    Rahul Singh Dhari over 3 years ago

    You must check settings related exploded view. or theres another way - export the whole assembly in IGS format and render it by opening again Solidworks.

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