solidworks best output format?

i am using solidworks to model parts and then import them into abaqus
but only files with .sat format can be imported into abaqus(there are other formats too but solid works only has .sat in common with abaqus)
now my question is that is there a diffrence between format?if yes what is best format to transfer parts?
thank you in advance

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2 Answers

It has been a few years but I recall Abaqus liked igs files.

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It really depends on the program that needs to read in the file.
If Abaqus takes ACIS files, then use those.
If I were sending a file to another SolidWorks user, but did not wish to send native files, I'd use Parasolid.
Many other CAD and CAM programs will do better with Step files.
I use Iges most often as a last resort when trying to repair a broken model. Often saving it as Iges, then re-importing it can do wonders to repair missing and broken surfaces.

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