SOLIDWORKS - Cam-Follower Mating Issues With Cylindrical Cam

Question by Connor

I am modeling an old circular knitting machine, and I am having trouble with the cam-follower mate between the needles and the cam ring. It seems that the way I created the cam surface will not work for the mate.

Attached are the files I am working with.

Link to a video of a similar machine:

Any help would be appreciated.


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Deon van Zijl
Answered on 26 Dec, 2015 06:58 AM

Hi, you have to do do something to the cam to make it accessible for it to mate with motion. There is another way to model the cam to put a line on the surface of the cylinder and then cut it or :-) just use a PathMate. Go to Youtube and search for 'Solidworks PathMate'.

Your cam's angles are to steep according to me.

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