Solidworks dimensions arent vissible until I left click to place the dimension in the part sketch.

When I am adding a dimension in a part sketch, I will for example, click on a line to add a linear dimension, and at this point I usually see the dimension and it is free floating at the mouse pointer so I can place it where I want in the view by left clicking. However, recently something changed, and the dimension is invisible until I actually left click to place it. I have tried just about every setting under options, and cant find the solution myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am going to reply to my own question, with a solution in case anyone else has this issue. :)

Just as a thought, I realized I activated the simulation Add-In a few days ago to run a study. I just turned off the add in for Simulation and now my dimensions are visible again while adding them in the part sketch.

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