Solidworks do not start,Laptop get hang and error prompt

I have windows 7 ultimate 64 bit,Service pack 1,
Intel i3 Processor with 220 Ghz.
While Nvidia Graphics : GeForce GT 520 M & it's driver version 266.32

Solidworks doesnt run.When i start solidwroks welcome windows initializing and in between this picture error prompts & laptop hang.Later i need to remove battery and do restart.

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1 Answer

Are you installing at a local user, or as admin? I'd log in as admin and try again. Or, run the installer in an elevated state.

System requirements say you need 8GB of RAM, but you only have half that. I doubt it causes the error, but keep it in mind.
Also, that graphics card is most likely not supported. Again, it likely does not cause this error, but it might be an issue later.

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