SolidWorks does not seem to deal with Class-A surfacing, you don’t have enough control on curves. Is it the same with Inventor, ProEngineer and SolidEdge too?

I've been using Solidworks quite some like more than 10 years. Since the start of surface tools it was too much exciting what will come next on Solidworks. But for now, depending on my research there are other softwares like SolidThinking offering Class-A modeling for Solidworks and others from Partners list of SolidWorks.

Now, started working on Catia, but got curious about the rest of SolidWorks equivalents.

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SolidWorks will produce Class-A or higher order curvature continuous fits. It just takes more work to get what you want and the controllers are not intuitive. I did a consumer table enclosure for Kno Inc. in which we needed curvature continuous surfaces in two directions. This can only be done using spline curves and you really need to think through your design in order to end up with what you want in the final design. I can send you a Powerpoint presentation to illustrate how this was done in SolidWorks.

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Inventor comes as a Suite now with with Alias Design that will do Class A surfacing (argueable the best in the industry for Surfacing, but a steep learning curve). There is a higher Alias program for Automotive design, but the price tag on that starts around 65K US.

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Go for Catia V5 with free styler and GSD workbench or IcemSurf.

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New in Solidworks 2014 we now have higher order curves. What that means is we can take a y=X^3 type of polynomial y=X^5 before 2014 Solidoworks had to fake the curve a bit in order to make G2 or continuity between two curves. As for more control of the curve, we can move the second control vertices. The first vertices of a G2 constraint. We teach this stuff with plenty of examples in the Design-engine Solidworks surfacing classs. The next one is in Chicago the week of Halloween

As for other tools. Creo, Catia and NX all offer higher order curves. Alias Studio was the first tool to allow G2 G3 and G4 continuity BTW

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