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Solidworks from 2014 to 2013?

By Ashley Chen on 13 Jan 04:23 3 answers 0 comments

I am currently downloading files from GrabCAD that are 2014 Soliworks Assemblies. Is there a software or a way to convert it to 2013? I only have 2013 Education Solidworks. When I try to open the file, it gives an error.

3 answers

  • Vaseemkhan
    Vaseemkhan almost 4 years ago

    better way download it in neutral file format such as
    iges, step.
    if it is not available just msg the owner of model to upload it in desired file format...
    they definitely will help you..
    one more thing if your educational Solidworks is under subscription then you can update your Solidworks to 2014
    thank you...

  • a510417b
    a510417b 4 months ago

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