Solidworks....Graphic Card

i want to know which mid range (below 20000rs) quadro graphic card suitable for solid works....

I am using i7 6th gen pro, azus H70 pro motherboard

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The answer is "it depends".
With some additional information it could be narrowed down a bit more:
- Operating system used?
- version of SolidWorks being used?
- What will SolidWorks be expected to do?
-------- Do you need/want realview to work?
-------- Will you work on huge assemblies?
-------- Will you have many parts open at once?

SolidWorks posts a handy lookup table for tested or certified video cards:

A site like Newegg will give prices for various cards, but your location may factor into local prices or shipping expenses:
It looks like rs convert to about $300 if there is not a local currency option on the site.
$300 is going to most likely be the "entry level" Quadro card. If you are using an older release of SolidWorks (with no plans to update for a few years) then it could make sense to get an older Quadro cards which best matches that SolidWorks release.

The motherboard selected is clearly aimed at playing games. I'm sure it won't matter to SolidWorks, but be aware that CAD (i.e. Quadro cards) are not ideal for playing games.
I would always advise using SolidWorks with a supported CAD based video card, but it depends on the usage level and expectations.

It can be a complex subject, but once all of the desires and variables are figured out, it can be much easier.

One option is:
PNY Quadro P1000 VCQP1000-PB

It has only Display Port connections, and it does not seem fully certified on the SW site, but it is an option.

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im using a NVIDIA 9800GT 1Gb Card on solidworks 2017 and it is good but.. you have change settings in the registry to do realview graphics

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