[Solidworks] - Holes with growing diameter

Hi guys.
I have tube and i need to make some holes in it.
There would be 8 holes. ( circular pattern )

First hole will have diameter 2mm, every next hole diameter is 1mm bigger, so last has 9mm diameter.

Angle between 1st and 2nd hole is 28 degrees, angle beetwen next holes is growing every time 5 degrees, so 2nd and 3rd is 33, .... 7th and 8th is 58.

How to do this ? I have some ideas how to do this with angle - table driven pattern ?
But i have no idea how to change size of hole, because this is part of sketch. I need some parameters ?

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2 Answers

When doing a circular pattern select instances to vary option. You can insert increment values for pattern angle and feature dimensions.

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That works well, thanks for the info!!

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