SolidWorks Multi-Color (Transparent) Decals - (Mask Image Feature)

QUESTION: SolidWorks Multi-Color (Transparent) Decals - (MASK IMAGE) - I am able to use the single-color transparent background decals that come with SolidWorks quite well; however, I would like to know how to make my own decals to be used with the "Mask Image" feature to create a transparent background decal. Also, it would be helpful to have a tutorial how to save them so that they will show up in Appearances/Decals area. In addition, it would be nice to know how to better use the "Mask Image" feature to create "MULTI-COLOR Transparent Background Decals" whereby there is one color or area is transparent as the background so it does not show up when the decal is placed on a SolidWorks part. (.GIF images work but technically are not supported and have a Halo effect when rendered and are not completely transparent) I believe the solution may lay in the "Selective Color Mask" feature in SolidWorks Decals. I would appreciate an helpful hints or solutions others might have. (Maybe a link to a Tutorial Video)

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Best case is to use .png as your file format. Also Photoshop is going to be a much better tool for creating the different layers needed for a true masking in SW.

This is always a good site that has a few tutorials

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