SolidWorks My decals arenT showing! How can i fix?

My problem is decals.
i did setup Solidworks 2016 and i did my first model.
but my decals are not showing..
What is wrong?
Look this link for details:

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1 Answer

i did fix the problem
The actual problem is due to the file address.
If you want to add a decal in SolidWorks 2016, this decal file must be in your computer. I was trying to add image from my hard disk. DidnT work.
than i did try to add from my computer, it is working!.

1. file adress:
F:\ozcan\internetten aldığım resimler\sunny.png ---->> not working

2.file adress:
C:\ozcan\internetten aldığım resimler\sunny.png ---->> working!

Have a good days
Özcan Özaltın

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