solidworks operation failed due to geometric condition

Hello everybody,

I'm a beginner of solidworks, and now I have a problem, (sister google, don't help me) I try to cut extrude model toraught all, but get error message - operation failed due to geometric condition. When I cut only part of model, it's work.

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Janis, typically this happens because your cut is leaving a very thin section, think zero thickness. Basically your cut would product a section where no geometry can satisfy it. There are a few unhelpful error messages in Solidworks and that is one of them.

Looking at your model there are a few sections where there is a very thin area. The Draft1 feature is what gave you the bad geometry. I suggest drawing the drafted faces as a Sweep Cut or some other means.

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Mηχανολογος μηχανικος στο ΕΜΠ αρχηγε;;;

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This is because some segment o also use f the line or curve remains after erase that segment. You need to close that segment with other segments. You may also use REPAIR SKETCH COMMAND under the sketch toolbar. It will help you to find out error in the sketch.

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I've been working on the F1 in Schools Competition.
As I was "building" our F1 on SolidWorks 2015-16 an error occurred to me on the function "Cut with Surface", based on which the operation failed due to geometric condition I've been following this tutorial to construct the F1 ----> . The command, which included the function "Cut with Surface", is situated on the 16th page.

Thank You !

Answered with a tutorial:

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