Solidworks or Fusion 360?

Which software is more Professional but easy to use?
1- Solidworks
2- Fusion 360
or other softwares _______

2 Answers

Eu trabalho com os dois, porém acho mais intuitivo o Solid.

OMG... what is 'Better' Star Wars or Star Trek..? Wars have been fought over smaller things...
Joking aside, if you are looking for 'Professional' packages, the only ones I consider are Siemens NX and CATIA as those are aiming to satisfy Aerospace corporations not shy to pay $1M/year for software (been there..). Solidworks is Dassault's entry level package (not at all 'entry' level, but still). SolidEdge is the equivalent level from the guys that brought you NX. Fusion is Autodesks product which is somewhat cannibalizing their Inventor line (not sure why) but attempts to be a foothold in the low end market as you can get it for free (which never makes a professional impression, IMHO).
The way I would approach that question is perhaps more aimed at what market segment you are considering and then look at what a commonly used CAD package is - as interaction with other packages is likely far more important than the actual tool. I think the name recognition for SW and Fusion is one thing, but that alone should not be a determining factor.
I you want an easy to use package, you may also want to consider Alibre, theirs is lower cost but quite capable as long as you don't need surface body tools. Similarly, if you want do more collaborative things, perhaps Onshape. Or Spaceclaim if your work takes you closer to the mesh/CAE side. Don't miss out on the other dozen or so very capable packages out there that you can probably read up on when using Wikipedia...
The best advice I can give you is try and learn as many as you can (remember: free trials) and then choose the one that fits your needs and budget. You will find that 'Professional' is a very loosely defined criteria, for me I (usually) care more about quality of the result than what tool was used to get there.