Solidworks simulation pressure vessel design

Hi every body.
Is any one familiar here with Solidworks simulation pressure vessel design, how does it works or any useful tutorial for that?

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To tell the truth, I was totally unfamiliar with "Solidworks simulation pressure vessel design" when I asked the question.
after that i work on in for a while. now I know a little about that. I hope the answer helps you.
the name is confusing. when you here the name you probably think that the simulation engage with design of pressure vessels. as I thought too. but it's completely different. the study combines the result from different static studies on a model and shows if all studies & loads applies on a model at the same time how the results will be.
consider you have a shaft that a bending pressure and a torque applies on it. if you want to determine the magnitude of the stress or strain or factor of safety or... of each load and the combines of the loads separately then you should choose pressure vessel design study.
work with the study is easy just right kick on the setup and choose define/edit...
In the result combination setup, in the study tab from the pop-up-menu choose your static studies and then run your study.

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