Solidworks - sketch - "fix" or dimensions?

Why is it better to use dimensions compared to the "fix" command?

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The simple answer is that dimensions can be changed on the fly. If you fix the entire sketch, changing it later can be cumbersome.

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I agree with dan.

Use Constraints where you know they can be used for definitely and use dimensions for the rest of the sketch.

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I do some teaching part time, CNC and Solidworks. For beginners who struggle to define sketches (where best to use dimensions and where best to use relations) the temptation is to "Fix" - but beginners will not learn how to define sketches (with control) using this option. The "fix" button in my beginner classes is renamed the "cheat" button.
For engineers - undefined sketches are not controlled and the "fix" does not give correct control = bad engineering.
For CAD (at least Solidworks), undefined sketches = increased rebuild speed; not good.

By the way, stop cheating! Unless you are industrial designer - if it looks right it is right; so just fix it!

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