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Solidworks (trial version available to expand knowledge?)

By a39abc0f on 04 Oct 13:45 25 answers 12 comments

I've been using Autodesk Inventor ever since version 1 and have recently been questioning my lack of Solidworks knowledge. I wanted to give it a spin and see what I've been missing. Is there a trial version of Solidworks available?

25 answers

  • 46a01e21
    46a01e21 about 6 years ago

    SDK, Student Design Kit. The educational versions are great for training, around £80 in the UK gets you the full version, with CAD, render, simulation etc for one year.

  • Reimo Soosaar
    Reimo Soosaar about 6 years ago

    SDK is free, but only when the University has bought the license and there is a free one available (ie all the licenses are not in use already). But the last one is "I believe/think". But to download you do need some information from University to fill the download form blanks with. I have heard, though, that when you download a SW through torrent, or use an original (from a friend of from work, for example) but without the serial, you can install it as trial version instead of pirating it. But I am not sure in this, just a rumour.

    Otherwise as already pointed out: and put in the right information in the download form.

  • Chris Duncan
    Chris Duncan about 6 years ago

    SW has a free trial version, believe it's only 30 days or a certain number of saves, like 30 saves. SW also has a low cost student version but you have to be a registered student.

  • Jon Clark
    Jon Clark about 6 years ago

    No the SDK is free but I found that I needed specific information from my University in order to download and then register the software properly.

    I think it also checks if the email address you use is an academic/student one.

  • David Dearing
    David Dearing about 6 years ago

    For the Student version or SolidWorks to work, you must be a registered student or teacher at an accredited college or university. Many moons ago when I was in school, they accepted a simple copy of your student ID, but today I believe they require more solid proof. You can call them to ask, or search their website for specific requirments.

  • Chris S
    Chris S about 6 years ago

    For lack of a better name there is a "home version" standard license that is issued for each purchased license at my work. Ask your CAD admin if they do not know about it contact the SW salesman. Every time a new version comes out I go see the CAD admin guy and he gives me a flash drive with the install image on it.

  • Ramunas
    Ramunas almost 6 years ago

    Just google "vgtu solidworks" and go to the end of page :)

  • Keegan Leach
    Keegan Leach almost 6 years ago

    You can always download a pirated version!

  • jim steinmeyer
    jim steinmeyer almost 6 years ago

    Another option is that SolidWorks provides beta versions prior to release of the official version every year. I'm not sure if you need to have an active seat in order to obtain the beta or not. Of course having come from SW and now being an Inventor user of 7 months I would recommend not trying SW or you are going to hate your day job when you go back to inventor.

  • Jason Aspinall
    Jason Aspinall almost 6 years ago

    Bear in mind, any parts designed in the student version are NOT portable into the mainstream Soldiworks edition. Also, as started above, all Soldiworks licenses come with an office license and home license, on the basis you cannot be using the software in two different locations simultaneously. I run 2010 on a HP box in work and on my MacBookPro at home running bootcamp Win7 64bit with no qualms on licensing.

  • Dick Timmerman
    Dick Timmerman over 5 years ago

    I've had this student edition, but it lacks a lot of functionality like toolbox etc.
    That wont work properly. My advise would be........(can't tell you tou obtain illegal software)

  • Greg Waslo
    Greg Waslo about 5 years ago

    I used inventor in high school and now solid works in college. they are more or less identical and have extremely minor changes. Ive only used solid works for about a week and its just as user friendly as inventor. nothing has really changed.

  • mohammad
    mohammad about 6 years ago

    little answer
    if you have a comparision between solidwork and catia and autodesk you'll be understand the best one is the solidworks

  • Martin Doohan
    Martin Doohan about 6 years ago

    I believe only if you are a student or tutor. But even then you have to pay for it. and if you have the correct codes. i may be wrong though. keep in mind does Solidworks really want trial versions out there like Inventors done. anyone with a email address can get a student edition Inventor from what i have seen.
    But i could be wrong...

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