Solidworks vs Rhino for modeling cars (any other suggestion)

Was wondering if you guys can give me some input of the easier / faster software to make 3d models. Currently ive been working with solid works and have keyshot too. But i see a lot of people use rhino.
Or any other programs that you could recommend me? (that i can use with keyshot)
not really into animation though .
thanks for your time

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If you're working only in concepts I would say rhino is better. Rhino allows you to manipulate your model in a more easy way than SW, also you can make changes faster than in SW; on the other side, SW is way better for manufacturing processes because it is a parametric software.

I would say that if you are using rhino, you should try Alias from autodesk, Tspline from autodesk as well (plugin for rhino) And also 3D Max.

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