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I have two questions regarding the belt feature in any assembly.

Because the pulleys that i have designed are not actually horizontal to each other (and one is back or fornt of the other), the belt that is created sort of follows the faces that i have selected but it's not on/touching them! How can this be fixed?

And also how can i change the side that the belt is following on pulley?For example, coming in from the right side and not the left. Changing the direction arrow in the feature manager doesn't solve the problem. Instead it just creats sort of a knot around the pulley.

Thank you

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1 Answer

When you create a belt, one of the options is to select the plane the belt lies on. Set this to the center plane of the cam pulleys and the will lie on the pulleys instead of in front (it looks like you have the crank pulley's center plane selected and since your pulleys are not coplanar, which is bad for the belt btw, the belt is in front of the cam pulleys).

The belt path is just a sketch in the belt feature, you can edit the sketch to get the desired path through the belts, although the path it created appears to be correct for what you are trying to accomplish.

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