Solution for pegboard mounting without screws


I would like to mount a pegboard on a wall. However, I am not allowed to drill or bore the wall. I am looking for a adjustable screw or a something similar(coloured Blue in the image) which can be used to fit in the slot and later be tighted or loosened as shown in the image. I don't know the technical name for such a thing. Can somebody help me out here?

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Are you looking to build something, or buy something?

These are way overbuilt (& expensive) for the task, but would something like these mounting climbing cams work:

Another option may be two opposing wedges which can be tightened against each other. I have not found such an item for sale, but making some may not be very difficult.

Expanding T track slot wedge:
The photo is not the best, but it wedges a fixture into the slot on a table saw.
Check out the Miter Slot Locking Fixture Kit
This is clever

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