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some body make this drawing in solidworks sheet metal

By jayant gautam on 11 Aug 16:30 3 answers 5 comments

use sheet metal only

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  • Roger-Marie Couture
    Roger-Marie Couture 3 months ago

    It is clear that you do not understand the difference between a folding and a forming that is obtained by stretching or compression. How do you want a face to be foldable if it needs to be stretched?
    See unfoldable 3 and 3b to see what is possible


  • Mashi
    Mashi 3 months ago

    If you upload the drawings for the part I could send it over to you Monday 8/14/17 if you still need it. ( I see your 2 pictures, but some dimensions are not clear)

    Weekend time right now though! sorry.

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