Some good tips to improve your working speed in SW using 'Shortcut Bar'

Though there are a lot of time saving shortcuts in SolidWorks, its strange that, a lot of us don't bother to take our time and customize the interface.
I feel that its very very Important for every individual using SolidWorks to spend an hour or two for customizing the interface according to his working style.
Here are few super tips to help you customize the interface.
PS: most of beginners are too lazy to customize the interface( even I was at the start)

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I am sure, most of SW beginners go to the feature manager or to the tool bars while working.
This tutorial consists of tips about keeping the cursor in the working area and improve the speed while working.
"Shortcut Bar" is actually accessed via a keyboard shortcut "S". You can customize the SB by right clicking on it and selecting "customize".

Answered with a tutorial:

Please click on "It Worked" at the end of my tutorial ... I know these tips are very helpful :)
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absolutely :)
Thank u for sharing :) wolf

To be honest it all depends on your system and work flow. So I'll change my shortcuts dramatically if I get a better computer and especially a larger monitor.
For those who have a lousy set up; use 3 KB keys for front, top and right view and one for normal to view, map as much of your commands on KB keys, mouse gestures are set to 8 drawing tools in sketch and for all views in part and assembly.
I rarely put boolean features in the shortcut bar, but still put some modifiers that I use frequently.
I think the most important thing is to separate the Property Manager from the Feature Tree even if you have a small monitor, sacrificing work space but it helps me tremendously.