Somebode can help me with a problem of large STEP file?

I have a problem about the size of a STEP file that I created.

I created a model through the Maya autodesk software and converted it into STEP because I need to create a mold for plastic injection through machining. But my supplier can not use this file. He can open it, but it is not possible to work on the software he uses. Its very slow but I need the object have more details in the faces of the final product.

1 Answer

The Maya model is most likely a faceted model (like an STL file).
Saving it as a Step file will do nothing to remove the faceted nature. Most machine shops will not want to work with faceted models.

You can import the model into a proper CAD program and remodel it.

You can search for a machine/molding shop that will work with a faceted model.

Or you can try converting the mesh model into a surface body. A program like Design X will try to "wrap" a mesh model with a surface. The result no longer has facets, but the topology is usually not ideal.

I just posted a tutorial which covers some of these points: Convert STL (or OBJ) Mesh to SOLIDWORKS Model (NURBS)

Post a picture of your model so we get a sense of the complexity.