somebody suggest me to chose solidworks or catia ?

i have more interest in automobile parts design ( mostly engine design ) i learnt Creo, Solidwoks, Catia. some body suggest me to chose solidworks or catia ? because i heard the these two software were mostly using in automobile industries, and please remember am trying jobs at European countries and canada so tell which will be good to choose
Note; i have one year experienced product design ( plastic ) in NX

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We were always told to learn CATIA for automotive industry during my years of study. A couple of years ago I overheard that the Volkswagen group switched to some other software because Dassault representatives displayed arrogance during negotiations. For example, they always traveled by helicopter :). Unfortunately I can't recall which software they switched to for sure, but I think it was Autodesk inventor.

I know for a fact that one german company that designs car body parts for BMW uses CATIA in combination with IGES files exported from CREO.

I actually never heard that some company in automotive industry uses Solidworks. Which is a shame in my opinion. I hope someone will prove me wrong in this matter.

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