Something has changed in the interface of the GrabCad screen...more members have this problem....My models have changed in my likes....

In the GrabCad interface "my models"tab is replaced by "my likes"
Are there more members who have this problem...
Is it me or?????

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Hey, as some of you know we have been working on new profile redesign and we are almost ready to launch the new functionality. The new profile design will be mobile responsive, it will improve on many small inconveniences as well as add a couple of most requested features.

As one part of the redesign, we merged the old outdated "my models" page into the new profile. I will let you know when the new profile page is launched and I hope you will enjoy the improvements.

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I noticed that too. Another change they made, this time I was not warned before. Now we have to go to "My profile" and then click on "Projects".

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I had not noticed, but I still present the same problem

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