Something Wrong with Rendering in Keyshot can anybody fix it?

I have tried to create roll N Draw model but around a circular region of scale black stripes are showing in Keyshot.
Can somebody fix the problem please...

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I would need to see your model for sure but it looks like the clear hole and the black and white cylinder are the same size and thus these two surfaces are coincident. there needs to be an air gap for these items to render properly.

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It may also depend on how the text and markings are applied to the models.
If those are decals in Keyshot, you may need to adjust their "depth". It could be that they are "bleeding" through one side of the model, and "wrapping" around the other side.

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Some problem with opacity, I think..... I will try to rectify..if you can provide the model

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No problem in Keyshot.... You need to define material correctly. Below are some of my trials

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I am using following setting with 2 panel studio light

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