I am sure many of you have noticed the recent influx of spam here at GrabCAD. this question is for the GC staff. Is there any thing we as a community can do to help stop this? I know I have been flagging all the spam and the respective up loaders but this is getting tiresome and is frustrating and takes away from the GC experience.

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Has GrabCAD thought of adding the use of captcha when making a new user profile to help reduce spam?

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Has anyone noticed that most of the spammer are attractive women? I guess thy know there audience. At least no porn bots yet.

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I've been reporting on these as spam over the last few days as well. However, I must add that it takes admins so long to respond, they must have the slows. Going through the list of engineer profiles, lots of them are unique to Kansas, have zero uploads, etc., I figure it's the same person, Is it so difficult to blow them out 'o here?

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