SPHER in Sketch?

What does the .187 dimension (SPHER) refer to in this sketch for the pin.
Say I were to build this part without thread and keep the end cylindrical, is this dimension applicable?

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2 Answers

A bit ambiguous isn't it? This is typical 'technical drawing' textbook stuff, unfortunately.

I BELIEVE what they're trying to show is an incomplete spherical radius with a set-back value of .188. The proper way to denote a spherical radius is with the prefix, "SR".

That's my guess anyways and, exactly why these types of drawings are poor teaching aids IMO.

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I agree with cmalco that the face is spherical and the setback is .188. His image "spherical_face.jpg" therefore would be the correct interpretation. The spherical radius is not given - you will have to construct it using this method.

Another issue with this 3D drawing is that we must assume that the setback is to the OD of the thread/shaft, and not to the root (but I think were safe assuming that)...

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