spline joint DIN5480-W8X0.8X30X8X7h

I need a spline joint DIN5480-W8X0.8X30X8X7h, detailed 3D drawing to make connection with encoder.
The encoder was from KUKA as attached.

I am not familiar with this kind of connection, so is here anybody could help me make a drawing and send to me via mail (qmhyjh@163.com).

Thank you very much!

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I am not sure what the DIN 5480 is but the W8x.08x30x87h is describing the screw in the end of the shaft, (8mm x 0.8 thread pitch x 30mm length with an 87 degree countersink.)

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Dear Mark, thank you very much for your answer.
DIN5480 should be a technical standard for such kind of spline.
Now my question, I just want make a mating external spline where assemble the encoder on the shaft.

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DIN5480 describes a method to transmit torque between shaft and hub with a number of teeth with involute splines defining the contact faces with a pressure angle of 30°.

DIN5480 ...is the standard number
W ...is the sign for the shaft (the german word for shaft is Welle, N would be the sign for the hub, in german Nabe)
no extra sign ...flank centring
8 ..is the reference diameter
0.8 ...is the module
30 ...is the pressure angle (declaration normally not necessary because 30° is standard(
8 ...is the number of teeth
7h ...tolerance class

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Don't know your application but there are a number of companies out there with splined clamping hubs built to DIN standards; KTR's rotex hubs for example. Certainly a lot less expensive than making one.


Good luck

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Thank you very much for all of your answer.
For my application, I just want assemble the KUKA encoder on the special shaft to measure the rotation. So I need a drawing to make a hole where assemble the encoder as attached.

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Your shaft has 8 teeth with an involute profile, You can verify with a measure like that you can view in the attached fig 1 . The balls or pins have a diameter of 2.25 mm. The hub will have an inspection dimension like you can view in fig 2. In this case, the pins or balls will have a diameter of 1.5 mm (see attached fig 3). Shaft and hub dimensions you can see fig 4.
An involute profile doesn't have a simple drawing. I uploaded a 3d model

DIN 5480 shaft and hub W 8 -0.8
I hope it will be useful for you

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