Springs & other complex parts

I would like to show springs and other complex parts in an assembly but when I do it slows down the assembly dramatically. Does anyone have a solution to this issue?

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3 Answers

which Solidworks are you using? 32 or 64 bit?
in large assembly the best thing to do is to reduce the number of top level parts, thus more sub-assemblies.

here is a nice video with few tricks

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Turning off web browsers, other applications running in background, the RealView feature off might help. Also, if it's for visual presentation purposes only, save sub-assemblies )if not required to have motion in the particular sub assmbly) as a part file and create the main assembly with that part. Keep in mind that SW has a nasty habbit of taking memory and not always releasing it completely when you close previously opened files. Furthermore, for rendering, avoid setting the PhotoView further than draft, rather use an external application like PhotoView or Keyshot, Bunkspeed Shot...
Also, in the settings, you can edit the number of parts which turn on the "large assembly mode", default is 500. That might help in addition to using simplified versions of parts.

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