Sq/Ft Calculation - Inventor 2012

How do you calculate square foot in inventor 2012, i have 3 major user defined parameters (height, width, thickness) and i want inventor to calculate there square foot.

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There are two options,

1. define a new numerical parameter (foot_sqr for example) that multiplies the two values and then multiply that result by a conversion factor (assuming the original values are in metric units). If you export this parameter it can then be shown on a drawing within a notes field.

2. Do exactly the same but within an iLogic rule

The easiest option is probably to do it as a parameter.

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i have uploaded a picture of the problem..

1. i imagine that the reason the the "bdft" calculations are in red is because of an internal error.

2. the only way to get the board foot calculations to compute correctly is to divide again by 2.54

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This question interested me so I went and tried a numeric parameter and I got a strange result. I made a rectangle that is 24 x 12 and then a parameter that is d0*d1 and the result is 731.52. Any idea where I went wrong?

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to get it to work and to use it as a 'base quantity' you have to divide the area calculation by 1 (Unit/Type) in your case the equation would be (d0*d1)/1
(Autodesk Inventor will fill in the proper units) to get rid of the "extra" unit. You need to set the unit/type for the custom parameter to a single linear unit i.e. "ft"
Then you can use that 'Area' parameter as your base unit. It will display as ft but the value will be the square footage.

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